Torqbar Custom #51

Yep, it’s a MiniNichols DarkTi, polished, heat colored. Couple more pics in comments.

Torqbar Custom #50

Thick Zirconium Frame Satin Finish Heat AnodizedDeep Etched Nichols Intrepid SS Damascus WeightsCarved and Etched Intrepid SS

Torqbar Custom #49

Blackened Zirconium FrameAKS Black Eye Timascus Weights and standard Buttons, polished and flame ano’d4x Ice Blue Trits

Torqbar Custom #48

Nichols Boomerang Damascus FrameBlackened Zirconium Buttons and Weights4x Ice Blue TritsFrame Stamp

Torqbar Custom #47

Blackened Zirconium FrameAKS Raindrop White Timascus Weights and Standard Buttons

Torqbar Custom #46

Vegas Forge Vines & Roses Damascus FrameCW75 Tungsten Copper Weights and Buttons2x Green Trits, 2x Ice Blue Trits

Custom Torqbar #45

Vegas Forge Spirograph Damascus Frame, Machine Finish Zirconium Weights and Buttons, 2x Ice Blue Trits, 2x Green Trits

Torqbar Custom #44

Polished and Blackened Zirconium Frame Side 1:Nichols Crosswalk Mokuti WeightsDamasteel Bluetongue Button Ice Blue Trits Side

Torqbar Custom #38

AKS Raindrop/Nebula Timascus Frame and Weights, Nichols Twist Mokuti Buttons

Torqbar Custom #41

Nichols Crosswalk Mokuti FrameZirconium Weights4x White Trits (2 horizontal, 2 vertical)Zirconium Deep Dish Buttons

Torqbar Custom #40

Torqbar Custom #40 Deeeep Etched Nichols Raindrop Damascus Frame with 2x White Trits Aged Brass Weights with 2x Orange Horizon

Torqbar Custom #39

Torqbar Custom #39 Satin Finish Titanium Frame Blasted/Tumbled Zirconium weights and Deep Dish Buttons Green Horizontal Trits

Torqbar Custom #42

Nichols Raindrop Carbon Damascus FrameTellurium Copper Weights and Deep Dish Buttons4x Green Trits

Torqbar Custom #36

Torqbar Custom #36 This is the fattest custom made to date. Zirc Frame, Nichols Raindrop Damascus Weights, Bluetongue Damastee

Torqbar Custom #35

Torqbar Custom #35 Nichols SS Raindrop Damascus Frame, 6/4 Titanium BBT Weights, Zirconium BBT Buttons. Ice blue frame trits o

Torqbar Custom #37

Torqbar Custom #37 BBT Zirconium extra thick frame, BBT Zirconium Deep Dish Buttons, Nichols Ripple Mokume extra thick weights

Torqbar Custom #43

BBT Blackened Zirconium FrameAged Brass WeightsAged Brass Deep Dish Buttons|2x Vertical Green Trits There will be several cust

Torqbar #34

Custom Torqbar #34 6/4 Titanium Extra-Thick Frame, Blasted, Tumbled, Anodized Deep Bronze-Purple 702 Zirconium Extra-Thick Wei

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The $199 Torqbar Is The iPhone Of Desk Toys

Ti, Machined

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Spin Times Matter.

No, not because cramping your hand up to pull off a 6 minute spin is what it’s all about. It’s about experiencing

Anodizing a Ti Torqbar

If you want to voltage anodize your Titanium Torqbar, here’s what you (or your anodizer) need to do: 1. Get a couple of


Good morning! I’d like to take this opportunity thank you all again for the tremendous support! Check out the new stamp!

Thank You

Thank you everyone who participated in MD Engineering LLC’s sale of Torqbar today! We are a bit overwhelmed with the lev

Ti Machine Finish

Machine Finish Titanium

SS Machine Finish

Machine Finish Stainless

Machine Finish

Update: Machine Finish will be offered along with Blasted/Tumbled for all metals! They’re too pretty not to offer for th

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Major Announcements, please read!! SCAM Design has grown up. Fast. In the last couple of months there has been a lot going on

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Torqbar SB Pre-sales begin on Sunday, September 18th, at 11:00 AM PDT, in our store at! Please use this thread

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Enjoy this video celebrating the launch of the Torqbar SB! Pre-sales begin 9/18/16 at 11:00 AM PDT.


Karroll SVS, Mac’s Tri- EDC, Koch Tools Solo 2.1, Ti Torqbar SB


All, we appreciate all the great videos and pictures you are sharing on this page. Please keep them coming! We would love to u

Roscoe Montgomery Polished SS proto in the works (obviously not my pic) 🙂

Customs #1-33

Thanks to Brayden Shelley for this image


All, it’s been quite lively in here lately. The support is overwhelming to say the least. I am so grateful to have you a

12 Hour Signup Sale for this customized Torqbar SB! Brass with Stainless Button, 12x Tritium vials, extra machining on back si


Tritiummmm… These are all taken, but I think I’ll do up another one for a SUS, yeah? I’m mostly just returni

New group photo

Photo Credit Glen Schultz

The Importance of Patents

If you have the interest and time, this is a great 40 minute documentary on the current state of the US Patent system; and exp


Maybe SS+Bronze is more your thing…  


Ti+SS I will make lots and lots of Ti’s  

Pouches landed

The postman brought me a box full of these this morning. Top notch work by Greg Stevens! These will be $65/$45. Please donR