SB Production


SB lineup


Today’s work — these will be blasted, inspected, tumbled, washed, tumbled again, rinsed, dried with compressed air, stamped, cleaned with isopropyl, bearings installed, bearings cleaned, assembled, test spun, cleaned with iso again, packaged, and shipped.

SB Pile

Rob, these are mid-techs, so it’s a two step process — first the parts are machined by a pro machine shop and sent to me in large batches. I then work on smaller batches like this to get them finished. I’m selling them as I finish them, so I’m getting about 20 out the door every two days. At this point they are all spoken for until I get through my list, but after that it will be general sales

I’m around #80 on my SB list, which is a combination of previous customers, current customers, books, and wait list.


Chip Shot

SB chips


Sb milling

Hmm… what should I do on the other side?

You can’t tell from the pic but there’s two slots in the frame too.

SUS Later? Should I stick $100 more in trits in the other side or leave it blank and keep the price down?

SB milled

Tonight if I can get the second side milled soon so I have time to tumble and install the trits

This is the first operation with my new vise and Kurt Dovelock Soft Jaw setup. Spent the last day getting it dialed in. I am very pleased.

For those waiting on customs, everything just got better 🙂

I hope to offer up modded SB’s here and there. I’m testing the waters with one today. The standard version SB will always be no-trit.

I’m using a 4″ Homge Kurt clone fitted with a Kurt Dovelock softjaw system.

I’ve tried all sorts of mini palette setups on my little mill, finally I ended up modding a 4″ vise to fit so I could use a quick change soft jaw system. This lets me switch between the torqbar parts fast and repeatably which is key for making the customs

OK, second side is done and in the tumber. I’ll let the second side be a surprise 🙂

Adding trit slots is something I can do to any SB. However I’m not gonna offer it as a mod because I just don’t have time right now for work like this. I’ll do some in little runs and offer them for sale like this one, but I’m not gonna offer this as a service to existing SB’s for the time being.