big-ass update

Here’s a big-ass update on the books. It’s a long read but I’m finally organized and this is all the info I’ve been waiting to share…

1. I’ve straightened out my books, got everyone’s timestamps added, and reconciled all paypal and GFM deposits. Now, that being said, I GUARANTEE POSITIONS WILL CHANGE. After contacting everyone I may find I’ve missed something in a PM or in a post, or got a timestamp wrong. And if you point it out to me, I’ll fix it. This means your position may move down, but never significantly. In fact it is more likely to move up due to drop outs (see #4 below).
2. After fully organizing the list I’ve decided against posting it. I just feel like the names should stay private to avoid people getting solicited for their spot amongst other reasons. I will contact everyone via PM with their position and to confirm the deposit amount I’ve received, if any. I will divulge the overall numbers, however…
3. I have 19 Torqbars in progress. Currently machining frames.
4. There are 145 names in the “Early Group” (those who got in my books before I required a deposit). Don’t get too discouraged if you’re behind this group – only 37 of these people have made a deposit, the other 108 aren’t financially committed and I expect a good number of them to drop out, however we won’t know until it’s time for their order if they will commit or not.
5. There are 24 names in the “Late Group” (those who got in my books after I required a deposit), and 100% of these have deposited.
6. So, in total, there are 169 names in the books (and 19 in progress). My intention is to reduce the books by a hundred or so names before adding any more in order to reduce the time gap between depositing and getting your order completed.
7. As of 1/17 there are 63 names on the waiting list. As I open spots in my books, I’ll draw from this list. A $150 minimum deposit will be required to move from the waiting list to the books. I won’t be contacting people on the waiting list until it’s time to go into the books. If you’ve added your name to the waiting list in this group, you’re good; and you can look through it to figure out where you are as there is no other waiting list. As a reminder, the reason there is a separation between my books and the waiting list, is because I may choose to limit how many I make in the future, or may change how I sell them. Therefore there is no commitment on your part to join the waiting list; and no commitment on my part to put more names in the books.
8. If you are in the Early Group and you haven’t made a deposit, your spot is not transferable. If you HAVE made a deposit, you can sell your spot to someone else, but only for even money. Obviously I can’t control what goes one behind closed doors, but I won’t let anyone put their spot up for profit in this group.

I hope this clears up any confusion. Once I get through the “Early Group” everything will be much simpler. Please wait patiently for me to contact you with your position, I have a lot of PM’s to send and I’ll probably do it over a few days, but I’ll post here when I’m done.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again for all your business and enthusiasm about the Torqbar.

OK, everyone in the books has been contacted. If you are on the waiting list, you will not be contacted. Your spot is confirmed in the waiting list here in my group. If you think you were in my books but didn’t get a PM, let me know. If your Torqbar is in progress, you also won’t be contacted (we’ve already talked enough!).

Oh and by the way the books reduced by a total of 13 names while going through and updating everyone, so there’s a good chance you’ve already moved up since I contacted you 🙂