Read this if you’re not on the list and you want in…

As of this morning with gofundme and PayPal deposits we’re over a third of the way to my 15k goal. Which is awesome and thanks to all who have deposited, but it’s still short. Remember, the point of taking the deposits is to upgrade my mill, and an upgraded mill means I can make these 5x faster, and that means you all can get your hands on them sooner. If the goal isn’t reached no harm done, but production will be much slower. Again, thanks for the support!! Maybe I should have thought this through more in advance and required deposits, but I didn’t, and won’t go back on my word with all those who have signed up already. Either way, I’m looking forward to making them all!!

So in an attempt to make it happen I’m going to open 30 more spots, however these will require a $150 deposit. I will take the first 30 that post to “the list” post Troy made. There’s already a few names on there and I’ll start by contacting them.

Again, don’t post here that you’re in, post to the list. Thanks!!