Anodizing a Ti Torqbar

If you want to voltage anodize your Titanium Torqbar, here’s what you (or your anodizer) need to do:

1. Get a couple of these o-rings:
2. Get a 1/4″ long 2-56 Set Screw, or make one from a piece of 2-56 threaded rod from the hardware store.
3. Take the buttons off, put the orings inside the lips of the underside of the buttons, replace the existing axle screw with the longer screw. These o-rings can withstand multi-etch, YMMV if you are using a different etchant.
4. Reinstall the button and screw down hard to make a seal between the oring and the lip of the bearing bore.
5. Anodize the body. If the seal is good, the body will anodize, the buttons will not anodize, and the ano job will be clean. If the seal is not good, you’ll know it.

This technique is a “work in progress” – I’ve tried it twice with success, but I can’t gurantee results – the seal needs to be good. If any of the more experienced anodizers want to jump in and offer more advice or expand on this technique, please do so in the comments. Also if you are an anodizer and expect to do a lot of Torqbars, you’ll probably want to get a set of “sacrificial” Ti buttons from me.

Good luck!