Torqbar Custom #40

Torqbar Custom #40 Deeeep Etched Nichols Raindrop Damascus Frame with 2x White Trits Aged Brass Weights with 2x Orange Horizon

Torqbar Custom #39

Torqbar Custom #39 Satin Finish Titanium Frame Blasted/Tumbled Zirconium weights and Deep Dish Buttons Green Horizontal Trits

Torqbar Custom #36

Torqbar Custom #36 This is the fattest custom made to date. Zirc Frame, Nichols Raindrop Damascus Weights, Bluetongue Damastee

Torqbar Custom #35

Torqbar Custom #35 Nichols SS Raindrop Damascus Frame, 6/4 Titanium BBT Weights, Zirconium BBT Buttons. Ice blue frame trits o

Torqbar Custom #37

Torqbar Custom #37 BBT Zirconium extra thick frame, BBT Zirconium Deep Dish Buttons, Nichols Ripple Mokume extra thick weights

Torqbar #34

Custom Torqbar #34 6/4 Titanium Extra-Thick Frame, Blasted, Tumbled, Anodized Deep Bronze-Purple 702 Zirconium Extra-Thick Wei

Torqbar #33

Nichols Carbon Cheetah Damacus Frame, Natural Tumbled Zirconium Weights, Brass SB Button, SBN screws. Orange and yellow trits

Torqbar #32

Nichols Ripple Zircuti, Zirconium, Orange Trits. Featuring my new button design with hidden screw, allowing the button to be r

Torqbar #28

303 Stainless frame with satin finish, zirc weights blasted and tumbled, C110 copper button with a heavy patina. SBN screws, v

Torqbar #23

Zirc Frame, Titanium Button, Super Conductor weights. Ice blue trits in weights, yellow in frame (all horizontal on the other

Torqbar #27

Zirconium frame, bb/tumbled stainless weights, polished stainless button, green vertical and horizontal trits.

Torqbar #26

AKS Moire Timascus Weights, Zirconium Frame, Polished titanium button, SS Screws. The other side

Torqbar #25

CW75 Weights, Titanium Button and frame, SS screws.

Torqbar #22

Radial gradient flame ano titanium frame, Blackened Zirc weights and button. SBN screws.

Torqbar #24

Blue ano Titanium frame and weight screws, Patina’d brass weights, Patina’d bronze button, SBN button screws

Torqbar #20

Full Tungsten-Copper (75% Tungsten – 25% Copper alloy). Frame is polished, weights and button are blasted and tumbled. W

Torqbar #19

Tumbled titanium frame, Tumbled and blackened Zirconium weights, blasted blue ano titanium button and weight screws. SBN butto

Torqbar #18

Titanium and Nichols Raindrop Damascus  

Torqbar #21

Zirconium, Nichols Raindrop Damascus, sbn screws  

Torqbar #16

Murdered. All Zirc, satin finish, sbn screws green on this side, ice blue on the other  

Torqbar #31

Nichols Raindrop Damascus frame, Zirc weights, C110 Copper button with an extra step-down, green trits on this side, no trits

Torqbar #30

Pink Moonglow Kirinite and Titanium. This is my 7 year old daughter’s build. I think she nailed it 🙂 Moonglow video &

Torqbar #29

Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel This is my sons’s build, and he helped me make it (hence why this one is so out of orde

Torqbar #17

Zirconium and Nichols Raindrop ZircuTi 15 was released. 16 is waiting for black screws which I believe we’re attempted t

Torqbar #14

Zirconium, CP2 Titanium, and Nichols Crosswalk Mokuti. Flame anodized, Ice Blue trits Grade 2 actually. The CP stands for R

Torqbar #15

Bronze on Brass, heavy, tumbled patina which will wear in with use. Trits on one side. It was an honor to make you one Kenn, e

Torqbar #13

Nichols Raindrop ZircuTi “Fattie” Yes the frame was heated to blacken the zirc, then etched to remove the color fr

Torqbar #12

Tumbled and blackened zirc frame, stainless weights and button with satin finish. How stable is a Torqbar while spinning on on

Torqbar #10

Titanium and Zirconium. Ti weight screws that match the trit color, black powder coated SS center screw. I didn’t have t

Torqbar #8

Stainless, Zirconium, and Titanium  

Torqbar #7

Zirconium and Titanium 007 Stamp I love how they’re all different — that was part of the design criteria — f

Torqbar #11

Zirconium, Mokuti, and Superconductor. See comments for a pic of the other side. This *is not* the base model 😉 With the ex

Torqbar #9

All Brass with antique finish. This is the base model Torqbar.

Torqbar #6

Zirconium and Stainless

Torqbar #5

Zirconium and Polished Tellurium Copper Ice blue trits on one side, green on the other This one is extra heavy. Test spin aft

Torqbar #4

Bead blasted, tumbled, and blackened Zirconium frame Bead blasted, tumbled and patina’d Bronze weights and button Ice bl

Last proto

For the rest of you — that was the last proto before the final design. The button is aluminum — I was trying out d

Torqbar #3

Stainless Steel and Zirconium Blue Trits


Keyring carry (SS #0 Mcgizmo clip and SS split ring are included). Pay no mind to the star button – it was a proto. I

Torqbar #2

Titanium and Bronze Yes trits! They do super cool things in the dark when you spin em around And they can be anywhere.. Here&#

Torqbar #1

titanium and bronze Troy Edc Snelling Update – I’m gonna hold off on this until Kickstarter launch. This will brin