Solid Body (SB)

Ti, Machined

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Anodizing a Ti Torqbar

If you want to voltage anodize your Titanium Torqbar, here’s what you (or your anodizer) need to do: 1. Get a couple of

Ti Machine Finish

Machine Finish Titanium

SS Machine Finish

Machine Finish Stainless

Machine Finish

Update: Machine Finish will be offered along with Blasted/Tumbled for all metals! They’re too pretty not to offer for th

SB Pre Sales Q&A

Torqbar SB Pre-sales begin on Sunday, September 18th, at 11:00 AM PDT, in our store at! Please use this thread


Karroll SVS, Mac’s Tri- EDC, Koch Tools Solo 2.1, Ti Torqbar SB


All, we appreciate all the great videos and pictures you are sharing on this page. Please keep them coming! We would love to u

Roscoe Montgomery Polished SS proto in the works (obviously not my pic) 🙂

12 Hour Signup Sale for this customized Torqbar SB! Brass with Stainless Button, 12x Tritium vials, extra machining on back si


Tritiummmm… These are all taken, but I think I’ll do up another one for a SUS, yeah? I’m mostly just returni


Maybe SS+Bronze is more your thing…  


Ti+SS I will make lots and lots of Ti’s  

Copper and Bronze SB

Copper and Bronze SB It was literally changing color while I took this pic – it was about 20 minutes out of the tumbler,

Titanium SB

Titanium is light and quick and easy to manipulate. It’s probably gonna max out at 3 minutes, but it’s a different

Brass SB Run 2

The eagle has landed. Run 2 Brass SB’s are in hand and will start shipping tomorrow. Before anyone asks, the Stainless,

New SB Materials

Sneak peek at some SB’s in Titanium, Copper, and Brass. The machine shop is hard at work. Patience will be rewarded 🙂

SB Production

5/30/16 6/3/16 Today’s work — these will be blasted, inspected, tumbled, washed, tumbled again, rinsed, dried with

Full Ceramic Bearing?

$70 full ceramic Abec 7 bearing. Meh. My custom hybrid bearing crushes it both in spin time and smoothness. Even if I was told

First decorated SB

I’ve got this decorated SB available tonight for $259 + Shipping. This SB has 8 Tritium vials installed and SCAM Stars e

Torqbar SB

  More teasers later 😉 Here it is folks, the very first completed Torqbar SB. I couldn’t wait for the pieces in


Torqbar SB packaging is coming together. This is the “specimen” photo for my trademark application. At least the f


You’d think a $450 pile of Mcgizmo Clips would seem more impressive… It’s the #0 I think that’s Pico T

1st Run SB

I thought you all might like to know that the first run of solid-body Torqbars is moving along just fine 🙂 Here’s the

Thick Brass…

1/2″ thick brass bar. Guess what this is for? Prototyping the solid body (mid-tech) Torqbar It’s 1/2″ stock