Damascus ‪#‎wipshot‬

Damascus ‪#‎wipshot‬

Damas frame

I’ll do my best to give you third thoughts, fourth thoughts, etc. 🙂

Tungsten is 115% heavier than Copper. Osmium is only 16% heavier than Tungsten. Just sayin… while Osmium does seem grail worthy, from a weight perspective I don’t think you could tell the difference between it and Tungsten. And it probably costs a thousand times more than tungsten 🙂

I have some Tungsten Copper coming in… 75% Tungsten, 25% Copper. The price isn’t ridiculous and it should be MUCH easier to machine than Tungsten, which right now is giving me trouble. If it turns out to be easy to work with, it will be the best heavy weight option.

I wonder how it will take patina treatments… I’ll have it in a few days, looking forward to playing with it.