General updates

For those wondering what’s going on with books, lists, solid-bodies, etc.; I plan to do another big update soon. I’m waiting until I finish my current run of customs (2 more), get orders set for the third run of customs, and have the Solid-Bodies available.

Here’s what you need to know until then:
A. I’m currently finishing the 2nd run of customs — only a couple more to go. Customs are taking longer than expected for all sorts of reasons, and while I’ll continue to improve my efficiency, they aren’t gonna be coming out much faster.
B. I’ll take orders for the next run of customs soon — in a week or two. If you’re up, I’ll contact you, no need to contact me.
C. After “setting” the orders for the next run of customs, I’ll update everyone in the books with their new position. *This is your position in line to get into a custom run and is totally different than Torqbar Serial Numbers*. I won’t be adding anyone from the waiting list to the books until I make around 75 more customs in order to “shrink” the amount of time between depositing and getting your Torqbar.
D. Torqbar Solid-Bodies (SB’s for short) pricing will be finalized and sales process explained. In short it goes like this: Everyone on the following lists will receive a one time offer for the purchase of one Torqbar SB. It will take multiple batches to get through everyone, but the batches are 100+ so getting through 500 people is a lot, but doable. I will switch to general sales after getting through everyone with this offer.
Order of Torqbar SB offers:
1. Previous Torqbar Customers
2. People “On the Bench” for a custom
3. People “In the books” for a custom
4. People on the “waiting list”
Your decision to purchase an SB or not has no effect on your spot in line for a custom, although you will have the option to drop out of the custom list if you want, and if you do and you have a deposit you may use that towards an SB purchase.
E. In light of “D” above, I will be closing the waiting list as soon as I have Torqbar SB’s finalized. If I ever manage to make everyone a custom that wants one, and want to make more, I’ll open a new list for customs, but I doubt I’ll get that far and/or “what a custom is” may fundamentally change as the product evolves.
F. After everyone gets a shot at SB’s, I’ll switch to general sales — I’m guessing I will finish them in batches of 20 or so, switching up the finish here and there, then selling the batch in a sus or general sale. Price may vary between batches depending on finish — like if I decide to patina 20 of them, they will cost a little more than no patina. Or I may add trits to a batch, etc.
G. And just in case you need more Torqbar, I already have a Gen2 “VM Hybrid” Torqbar in the works — combining mid-tech production with interchangeable customization, and concealed variable mass 🙂. Hopefully this will provide the best of all worlds — a lower price, quicker TTM, and customizability.

Thanks again for all your support!