Hey Folks, thank you so much for the overwhelming support of my new gadget. You have caused me a serious dilemma! I have more orders than I can handle in a reasonable amount of time. It’s a custom product and each one is going to be different, so it’s not conducive to typical mass production methods. And besides I don’t want to mass produce them, I want to make each one myself. I simply don’t have the machinery to handle the volume of the current interest.

Since last night I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a proper mill to take care of production properly. With a proper mill I can increase production 5X, at least! I really don’t want to require deposits, so I have an idea to run by you. I’ve setup a GoFundMe page to accept “donations” to bring the Torqbar to market. The goal is 15K which will be used to purchase new equipment and materials. I will then apply the donations made to your individual orders, like a deposit. I know its kind of an odd approach, but I don’t want to *require* people to make deposits (or set a deposit amount), and I simply don’t want to manage the deposit collection process for so many people. And regardless of whether or not the goal is met, your donation is still good for your deposit and no harm done.

I will keep the delivery order the same, and just lookup any donations made to GoFundMe to apply to your orders as it comes up. If you donate, please include your Facebook name if its different than your real name.

Thoughts? This kind of interest is new to me, I’m trying to handle it as best I can. If even half of the people who want Torqbars made a deposit of $150, the goal would be met and I’d be cranking them out WAY faster.

Yes, of course. Basically I need a bigger, faster mill. What I plan to do with it is the same. Every Torqbar will be a custom as discussed between me and you before I make it. In fact this makes even more materials possible

Kickstarter is simply too rigid in the campaign requirements to work for me. It’d take me a month just to get the campaign ready

Gofundme is facilitating voluntary deposits. The incentive is to get me to 15K so I can upgrade my mill and make them all way faster.

The GFM is closed. You can add your name to the interest list in this group. There’s nothing out on the web on purpose — right now I have more business than I can handle and until I’m able to ramp up production I’m trying to ‘lay low’.