Last proto

last proto

For the rest of you — that was the last proto before the final design. The button is aluminum — I was trying out different materials. I’ve been carrying it for several months. It goes right in my pocket with change and everything. Dropped it many many time. Still as smooth as ever 🙂

I do have different designs in the works, but there are certain dimensions that will stay consistent between the designs to allow for some interchangeability and compatibility with upcoming accessories and bolt-on’s. For example, the button on the final design has specific dimensions in order to accept “points” or “fat buttons” that will fit into the recess, and bolt through, turning your Torqbar into a gyroscope/top hybrid thingy.

Beyblade… let me work on that. Torqbar Fights!

last proto 01

I experimented a lot with button designs, and materials. This one is aluminum.