Major Announcements

Major Announcements, please read!!

SCAM Design has grown up. Fast. In the last couple of months there has been a lot going on behind the scenes in order to get ready to bring the Torqbar to a larger market. Primarily, I’ve partnered with my colleague Paul de Herrera, and together we’ve started MD Engineering, LLC. Paul brings business acumen to MD Engineering LLC resulting from his 26 year career in the technology sector. He presently works as a senior pre-sales systems engineer for a technology vendor and sells solutions into Fortune 100 companies. Paul has held many leadership roles and has owned a successful consulting company. MD Engineering, LLC is now the company behind the Torqbar. Don’t worry, I’m still the guy bringing you the Torqbar (I’m the “M” in “MD”), nothing has really changed aside from the business adopting a more professional name and structure, and our new “Spin Forever” logo!

OK, but how do I get a Torqbar? Ah yes, the million dollar question!

Here’s the short answer:

WE ARE BYPASSING KICKSTARTER AND BEGIN DIRECT PRE-SALES SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th, 11:00 AM PDT via our web store atWWW.TORQBAR.COM. You can check out the store now if you like, but nothing will be for sale until Sunday.

Here’s the long answer:

We have already done so much work establishing production pipelines and efficient processes, we’ve decided to bypass the Kickstarter process. We are ready to go, and this will get you a Torqbar faster — there’s no waiting for the campaign to end! Torqbars are already in production RIGHT NOW!

Pre Sales will be handled via our website,, and the release schedule will be handled by selling the Torqbars in “Waves”. Each Wave will contain a limited number of Torqbars, and will have its own estimated delivery date range. Once one Wave of Torqbars sells out, a new Wave will open, and it will have a new estimated delivery date range.

The sole purpose of using “Waves” is to provide reasonable delivery date estimations. These dates have been calculated using real data. We’ve already made hundreds of Torqbars and removed a lot of guesswork in determining fulfillment rates. In fact, we are hoping to improve on the current estimated delivery dates with additional increases in efficiency.

Torqbar SB Brass: $139
Torqbar SB Tellurium Copper: $149
Torqbar SB Stainless Steel: $179
Torqbar SB Titanium: $199

What about those of us still waiting for our “List” Torqbar SB?

Nothing has changed here. We will still complete the list. In fact, more than enough Torqbar SB’s to complete the list offers will be delivered to me tomorrow. These will be the last SB’s stamped with the SCAM Logo. Future SB’s will be stamped with our new “Spin Forever” Logo.

What’s happening with Customs?

I will continue to make customs, working from my existing list. No changes in plans for customs. I know the delays have been painful, but it’s been necessary in order to get this big SB release off the ground. The success of the SB means we will be able to make capital investments into new and better machinery and process to make the customs faster, and even more precise.

Last but not least, there’s a new “official” way to know what’s going on. We’ve started an MD Engineering LLC Facebook page, and to kick it off there’s an AMAZING VIDEO you have to see! Please go to our page, be sure to LIKE it so you’ll get future updates, and check out the video!

And Finally, THANK YOU! I’m so grateful for your overwhelming support!


Many people have asked about international shipping. We will ship internationally. Prices are dependent on the destination country and will be indicated at the time of purchase. Thank you for your interest in Torqbar!