May Update

New Members Please READ

The Torqbar is Patent Pending.

I’m currently making and selling two kinds of Torqbars — “Customs” and “SB’s”

“SB’s” are the Mid-Tech version of the Torqbar. SB stands for “Solid Body” as the frame and weights are machined from a solid piece of stock. They are being produced by the hundreds, currently only in brass, and with a few different finishes which you’ll see in photos in my group here. I’m currently working through a CLOSED list, offering each person in the list a chance to buy *one*. Once I get through the list I’m switching to general sales — I expect this to be in 2-3 months. The general sales will be your first opportunity to get a Torqbar, unless you score one on the secondary market. The general sales will feature some smaller runs of SB’s in different metals, custom finishes, tritium inserts, etc. Please watch for updates in this group for sales updates.

“Customs” are the original Torqbar and they are made to order out of whatever materials the customer requests. You can find pictures of all the customs I’ve made in this group. My books are closed on Customs. The next opportunity to get in my books for a custom, if ever, will be in a couple years, but I suspect by then I will have moved on to something else, or the Torqbar may have evolved into something different.

Lastly, I’m consulting with some experts on the feasibility of a Kickstarter campaign, so stay tuned for details on that as well.