New mill

My new mill is up and running. I’ve had to figure out how to use offsets and homing switches and a coolant mister and stuff. I’m just getting ready to mount and cut a tooling plate — something I couldn’t do until I figured out “where I was” on the mill with the homing switches and offsets. My kids have been sick which has slowed me down, but starting Wednesday I’ll have 5 straight uninterrupted days in the shop and I should be able to turn out a few more Torqbars in that time, and start to get a feel for the production speed. I also got the rest of the parts for my new grinder today so I can get that going too.

#5 has been slow going because I’m designing and machining new jigs for each part as I go. I’m out of town for my ‘real’ job right now, but will be back tomorrow and should have it finished in a day. Polished Tellurium Copper on a blackened Zirc frame. It’s gonna be gorgeous. After #5 I will finally hit stride and they will start rolling out fast