Price Sheet

I’ve held back from posting my current price sheet as it’s very subject to change. However a lot of people are wanting to price out their build so they can make a proper deposit. Please use this as a rough guideline for what your build may cost. If you are interested in using exotic materials not listed, assume you have to also pay for the material, but I’m wiling to entertain anything. Please don’t ask too many questions about this sheet, again I’m posting it for reference so you can figure out a deposit. Thanks!

Base Price (All Brass, Stainless screws, No Trits): $175. Below are the upcharges for the materials I have on hand. The price increase is partially material cost, but mainly reflects the additional time it takes me to machine the harder metals – my machine is small and I need to use slow millingtechniques in order to cut the tougher metals. There’s about 10-15 hours machining (7 Custom machined parts) and 4 hours finishing in each Torqbar. 31 total parts. These prices will inevitably change as I hope to improve my techniques and machinery to bring the price down, but this is the best I can do right now and still maintain a level of quality I can stand behind.

Torqbar Features:
Custom Spec Hybrid Stainless Ceramic Bearing
1 SS #0 McGizmo Clip and small split ring for keychain carry
1 SS #0 Mcgizmo Clip, small split ring, and paracord leash for 5th pocket carry
The hole dimensions and placement are specifically tuned to the McGizmo clip to guarantee it stays on
Hidden balancing system for insanely long spins (ships balanced)
Weights and Button can be easily removed for cleaning or modifying
Clean the bearing with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol. Never lube.
COA Card

These are the metals I have on hand

Frame Metal
Bronze +10
Copper +40
Stainless +30
Zirconium (thick – .144) +40
Titanium +40

Weights (x4) Metal
Bronze +10
Copper +40
Stainless +30
Zirconium +40
Titanium +40

Button Metal (both sides)
Bronze +10
Copper +30
Stainless +20
Zirconium +30
Titanium +30

Brass +8
Ti +10

Trits – at least 50 location options
1.5×5.5mm $12 each installed
1×3 $10 each installed

Bead blasted, Tumbled, Polished, Anodized, Flame Anodized, Scotch Brite, ?, etc.

Custom Options
Willing to entertain any custom ideas
Custom Materials (any 1/8” blade handle material can be used for the frame)
Custom Machining


L-R Zr, SS, Zr, Cu, Ti, Ti

Superconductor will be about $100 extra for a frame and about $100 extra for a set of weights and button.

ETA’s cannot be estimated until I have a feel for my production speed on my new equipment. Otherwise it’s just a guess that will either piss you off or get your hopes up 😉

Keep in mind this is pretty outdated and needs refreshing — I’m hoping to put a configurator online, as I have one built out in excel. If anyone wants/needs an accurate quote on a build, PM me and I’ll put it together for you.