Quick Update

Quick update: I’ve got the next 5 days off from work (yes, I have a “real” job). I’m hoping to get at least 5 more Torqbars completed. If I’m able to make good progress I’ll be sending notifications for the next run. Since it takes so long to get all the builds figured out, I’ll try to complete that process while finishing up the Torqbars from this run to save a couple weeks. Once the next run is locked in and dropouts have been removed, I’ll send out an updated “position list” to the folks in my books. You know who you are because you got an update from me a couple months ago when I started the current run. Nobody is getting added to the books until I reduce the total number of people in them to a reasonable number.

Remember it works like this:
1. Waiting list – the list in this group. You are waiting to “get in the books”. At this stage there is no commitment on my part to put you on my books, and no commitment on your part to buy one. The books are filled from this list. I think about half the list is in the books already — many are “pre-deposit” which means there will definitely be dropouts.
2. In the books — you are in my books and I’m committed to making you a Torqbar. You will get notified of your “position” in the books which moves up as I work through the orders. You will be asked to make a deposit to get in the books. (Many people are in the books without deposit because they got in early, but not anymore).
3. On the bench — your Torqbar build has been agreed upon and is getting built. At this point you’ll no longer have a “position in the books” because you aren’t in them anymore. Instead your build gets assigned a serial number.

Progress is still not up to the speed I’d like — sorry about that. Life and kids and puppies and a full time job are always butting in. But I do continue to improve. In the middle of this run I lost two weeks when I ditched my vise and all the jigs I built for it for a sub plate and new fixtures using alignment pins. This has improved both efficiency and repeatability, and allows me to use the entire working envelope of my mill.

Thanks again for all the support. I only wish I could make them faster, but some things just take time. I’m still designing the mid-tech version and will hopefully prototype it in the next couple of months. I’m hoping this will at least satiate a large percentage of you and should help the product take off commercially. With enough success I may be able to do this full time which would be a dream for me. I have so many other cool EDC product ideas — I just need the bandwidth bring them to market but for now it’s all Torqbars (and maybe some Atwood Ghost Spinners).

I’m also getting a provisional patent filed. I have about 6 more months before I lose the right to patent it, so I gotta get that done. Once you publicly advertise a product you have one year to patent, so the clock is ticking. I’ve wanted to “patent something” since I was in high school — it’s been a life goal of mine ever since, and this just may be that opportunity.