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Torqbar Info / FAQ

Last Updated 8/3/2016

The Torqbar is Patent Pending

Please read below for status on how to get a Torqbar. There are no lists to join. Your first opportunity will likely be an upcoming Kickstarter Campaign.

What is a Torqbar?

The Torqbar is a patent pending, hand held spinning fidget toy. It is a purpose-built device designed to keep your hands busy, to aid with cessation, and provide a focal point for busy minds. At the heart of the Torqbar inside the “button” is an incredibly smooth free spinning hybrid stainless-ceramic bearing. Holding the button between your finger and thumb, you spin the “body” of the Torqbar using your other fingers or hand. The additional mass located at the ends of the frame cause the Torqbar spin to be incredibly smooth, stable, and highly efficient. The Torqbar can spin for up to 5 minutes! It can be flicked back and forth with your fingers and the feeling of reversing the inertia in the Torqbar is surprisingly satisfying. The shape and size of the Torqbar are such that it just catches your finger when you flick it. It can be spun and balanced on one finger easily, even while walking around thanks to the stability created by its strong angular momentum.

How did you invent the Torqbar?

I’ve spent countless hours commuting in my car, and even more countless hours sitting in long meetings at work. I have always wanted something in my hands that was satisfying to hold or look at, or something I could flip or twirl to pass the time. The Torqbar is the result of several prototypes and over a year of development of a device built specifically to fill this need in the most satisfying way possible. The criteria that went into the design: tactile, mechanical, simple, pocketable, quiet, discreet, use anywhere/anytime, easy to learn but challenging to master, customizable.

What kinds of Torqbars are there?

There are two Torqbar models currently, Customs and Solid Bodies (SB’s):
The Customs are made to order out of all kinds of materials, most of them exotic and expensive. They have separate “frame” and “weights” parts, mainly for the purpose of allowing the customer to make their Torqbar as unique as they want to. Customs are completely machined and finished by me in my home shop using a small CNC Mill, blast cabinet, tumblers, grinders and buffers, electric anodizers, and various chemical processes.
The SB’s are a mid-tech version of the Torqbar. Mid-tech means that some parts of the Torqbar are made by a professional machine shop, but I do the finishing and assembly. They are called Solid Body because the frame and weights are one solid piece. The first run SB’s were produced in Brass, and future runs will be produced in different metals, including more Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Bronze, and Tellurium Copper. The “buttons” on the SB’s are easily removed by hand for cleaning the bearing, and the buttons are interchangeable between the different metal SB’s.

How much are Torqbars?

Brass Torqbar SB’s are $129 plus shipping.
Custom Torqbar prices vary based on materials. The base price is $170. The average custom is about $300

How do I get on the list? There’s a list? Where’s the list? IN!

Background / History of the list: I’ve been making and selling these Torqbars since October 2015, but the majority of you have only discovered them in the last few months, so here’s some catch-up. When I first started up, it was customs only, and I took names to fill my order book. Once I got up to about 180 names I closed my books — the orders were simply too far away time-wise for me to want to commit to, at least not until I caught up some. So next came the “waiting list” which was, originally, a list of people interested in getting into my books for a custom, and I’m still committed to taking names from this list to fill my books for customs should I choose to continue making them. The “waiting list” contains an additional 400 names. Once I realized keeping a list of any kind was no longer practical, I closed the waiting list as well. No other list has been started, nor will there likely ever be.

So, as a means of meeting demand, I fast tracked the “SB” design to get more Torqbars in people’s hands. This model can be produced in quantity but performs exactly like the customs. In order to be fair to all that supported me early on, as well as to give those on the waiting list the early shot they deserve, I comprised a list of people to whom I would make a one-time offer for one Torqbar SB before I went to general sales. This is the order of the list:

1. Previous Custom Torqbar Customers
2. Current Custom Torqbar Customers (on the bench)
3. Customers in my books for a Custom Torqbar
4. People on the waiting list for a Custom Torqbar

The combined total for what I call my “SB” list is about 580
names. Once I make a one-time offer to each person on this list for the purchase of one Torqbar SB, I will be switching to general sales for all non-custom releases. The decision to buy an SB or not from this offer has no bearing on your book spot for a custom — it remains. It also has no effect on your spot in the waiting list for a custom — it also remains, however as I’ve said I will probably never make enough customs to make it through the waiting list.

Current Status Updated 8/3/2016

I’m currently working through the “SB List”, shipping SB’s as I get them finished. In parallel I’m also working on customs.

Torqbar “SB’s” are currently in production and shipping:
• 1st Run (Brass, qty 100) is 100% shipped
• 2nd Run (Brass, qty 200) is ~50% Shipped
• Upcoming runs due August/September are Stainless, Titanium, and Tellerium Copper. These runs will more than complete the list.

Torqbar Customs currently on serial numbers 34-35
• I’ve switched my workflow to 1-2 customs at a time. We’ll see how it goes.

How far are you down the SB list?

8/3/2016: I’ve made it through 233 out of 580 names.

I’m on one of those lists above, so where am I on the “SB List”?

I have answered most PM inquiries about this, but ideally I just need to send out PM’s to everyone telling you where you are. It’s on my to-do list. For now just know that I’ll contact you when your name comes up.

I’m not on the list, how do I get a Torqbar SB?

If you’re not on the list, then you need to wait for general sales, which will start very soon. The list sales should be completed by September.

How will you handle General Sales?

8/3/2016: Kickstarter plans are accelerating and the likelihood of a campaign is high. I’m hoping to launch the campaign in September. If I complete the list and have extra stock I will probably have some sign-up-sales.


I do have accessories planned, presumably to be sold in my web store:

• I have commissioned a pouch/sleeve design that is in the works.
8/3/16: The Greg Stevens Design sheaths are completed and in hand.

• I have designed several different buttons that will be drop-in replacements on the SB’s:

“Fat Button” – thicker than the stock button, sits proud of the weights so it can be spun on a table without a stand
“Pointed Button” – A button that comes to a point to allow it spin like a hybrid top/gyroscope
“Trick Button” – A deep dished flared button that will make it a. easier to catch and b. able to be held by the sides while spinning
“Tandem Button” – A special back-to-back button that will allow two or more Torqbars to be connected to each other
“Fancy Button” – Limited Run drop-in replacement SB buttons made from exotic materials.
Also note any two button “halves” can be used together.

• A simple desk stand that will display your Torqbar as well as allow you to spin it in the stand

• Extra Mcgizmo Clips for lanyard/keychain carry