SB Pre Sales Q&A

Torqbar SB Pre-sales begin on Sunday, September 18th, at 11:00 AM PDT, in our store at! Please use this thread to ask any sales related questions. Thanks!


Will they be available at the seattle store?

  • We don’t have an acutal store, it’s just where we are located

Will there be any limits per product? Like say if I wanted to try and get one of each or two of a certain material?

  • There will not be any limits per product

Different button options available?

  • We do plan to offer buttons separately in the future

When is it considered “ours” so to speak? When it’s in the cart or when it’s actually checked out and paid for?

  • It’s a paypal checkout, so it’s not yours until you complete the checkout in paypal

Will both waves will be open for purchasing?

  • Wave 2 will not open until after Wave 1 is sold out.

Do we know how much shipping will be to the UK?

  • Shipping and handling to most of the world outside of US will be USPS Priority International Small Flat Rate Box at $38.

Will the buttons on the copper torqbars be made of copper or brass like previous SB’s?

  • They will be copper

Hi Scott, very excited about the annoucment as i’m sure many many are. My question is this, i’ve had a few experiences now with highly anticipated and sought after presales for a product either crashing or freezing the website, or causing other complications with the purchasing process. Have measures been taken to eliminate these issues, or at least diminish them? I don’t know much about computers or website programming, so forgive my ignorance if this seems obvious.

  • Hi Jj, unfortunately these issues are for the most part unavoidable. We are using one of the largest web store hosts in the world and using paypal for cart checkout, also as robust as they get. This is the best we can do to ensure a positive checkout experience for everyone.

WIll you offer APO shipping for service members overseas?

  • Yes, we do APO shipping