Spin Times Matter.

No, not because cramping your hand up to pull off a 6 minute spin is what it’s all about.

It’s about experiencing the slowest rate of deceleration of any spinner on the market. The rate of deceleration on the Torqbar is so slow, you don’t even notice it, and this is what gives you the impression it will never stop. This feeling is unreal — almost magical when it’s spinning in your hand, whether you spin it for 5 minutes or 5 seconds, It feels like it will “spin forever”.

Now if your spinner poops out after a minute, you are able to “pick up” on this faster rate of deceleration, and the magical quality you experience with the Torqbar is lost. I can’t emphasize enough how important this subtle difference is between the Torqbar and other inferior products, regardless of how you use them.

Think about what it takes to make a spinner that can run as long as a Torqbar — it takes the highest level of precision to achieve balance, it takes a design that is an optimal applicaton of rotational physics and ergonomics, and it takes a custom bearing built specifically to maximize these qualities. This isn’t achieved overnight. The Torqbar is the original, Patent Pending hand spinner, and still the best. It’s the only spinner with 18 months of research and development behind it — time invested to achieve this level of performance and efficiency before bringing it to market. The Torqbar design is unprecedented. And since its release, many have attempted to imitate it; but none deliver the superior experience of The Torqbar.

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