Torqbar #20

Full Tungsten-Copper (75% Tungsten – 25% Copper alloy). Frame is polished, weights and button are blasted and tumbled. White trits. The heaviest Torqbar I can currently make weighing in at 101.5 grams.




This is the longest spin time, although not as long as I expected. I was able to get almost 7 minutes. I think there’s a limit to the effectiveness of adding weight — while adding weight increases your ability to store potential energy, it is also using more energy per rotation due to the added friction in the bearing. I dunno really. All I can tell you is it ain’t easy holding one of these for that long — you’re hand starts to cramp up!

Marko it actually wasn’t too bad. I tried pure tungsten first and had horrible luck, then this CW75 stuff cuts remarkably clean. The worst part is working with really expensive metal for the first time, not knowing what’s gonna work and what isn’t. Mistakes get very expensive.

Patina:¬†They go from the pinkish copper/gray all the way to full gray, and pretty fast. I think handling may bring the pink back out. Not really sure — it’s new to me too!

Here’s a piece I left sitting out for a couple weeks without touching it: