Torqbar SB


TB boxes

More teasers later 😉

Here it is folks, the very first completed Torqbar SB. I couldn’t wait for the pieces in the tumbler so here’s an SB with its original machine finish which some of you may like as is. I’m *very* pleased with how these perform. First test spin was 5:10. Super smooth and balanced. Notice the connection on the buttons is internal (no visible screws) and they have a nice dish to them which feels great! I’ll post pics of finishes as I get them done, and I will start shipping tomorrow! The price will be $129+Shipping for machine finish or BB/Tumble (which is how the majority of them will be finished).

I’ll probably increase the size on the next batch, so not really. I’ll be able to tell better how it’s going to go as I start to get some out the door.

SB blasted

Can’t wait to see these patina

SB with Raw (Machined) finish

SB Raw

Just fair warning — freshly machined brass tends to patina at uneven rates and tends to follow the machining marks. For some this may be exactly what you want, but for others you should know that it ain’t gonna stay this pretty 😉

A quick video showing the SB with BB/Tumble finish, and Sasha gives this one her approval.