Wave of Interest

All, just a quick update: some recent posts of Torqbar pics in other groups and on IG have created a new “wave of interest” that will take me some time to work through. I have about 50 PM’s to reply to at the moment, so hang tight if I haven’t responded.

If you are already on my books and have asked where you’re at in line, please be patient — I will post a list soon. The reason it hasn’t already been posted is because, when originally started making the list, the software I was using wasn’t time-stamping the entries, only date-stamping them. So I need to go back through PM’s and add requests here in my group to look up the timestamps and add them in. For Oct. 2nd, this is over 100 names. Oct. 1st is over 50 names. Once I get this done I’ll post the list. Note the list only tells you your place in line, and not the number of your Torqbar. Some people will drop out, some will order two.

For the newcomers looking to get in the books: please add your name to the “interest list” post in my group. Right now Im officially closing my books, but I’ll reopen them when I can make better delivery estimations. This might be in a week, it might be in 6 months, it might be never — no promises. But when I do, I’ll give priority to those in this list. Getting in the books will still require a deposit. I don’t ask for the deposit because I need it, it is to weed out the less serious folks. I spend a ton of time talking to people about options and customization and materials. I simply don’t have the bandwidth to do that with non-committed customers. It’s an expensive toy, enough to make people think twice when it comes time to really lay down the cash, so I need people to figure out if they want to commit “on their own time” and not mine.

Here’s the deal — I have so many orders for these, I am over a year out with my current production speed. I expect to get faster but don’t know how much faster or when. This is the biggest response I’ve ever had to stuff I’ve made and I’m learning as I go. Right now I’m spending as much time improving the processes as I am using those processes to make Torqbars, so it’s still slow going. But it will pay off with better quality, faster production, and lower prices in the long run.

Please keep in mind this is a custom product. Each one is made to order to the customer’s specs. That means I need to hunt down and procure exotic materials, each of which has slightly different dimensions and machining characteristics which mean I tweak the programming for every Torqbar. If I were making all of these exactly the same I could make them way faster, but where’s the fun in that?

Which bring me to my last point — I do plan to make a mid-tech ‘Solid Body’ version, probably brass, and do a Kickstarter. For comparison, the solid body version will have 4 total parts in it. The custom Torqbars have 31. This will probably sell for around 100-150, maybe less. I don’t know when I’ll get to this as I feel my commitment is to the paying customers in my books, but hopefully later this year.

Thanks again for all the support and interest. It’s overwhelming to be honest. Makes me wonder what would happen if I actually attempted to market this thing 🙂

I’ve been in the EDC community as a consumer for about 8 years, and I know, as a customer, I always wanted transparency. I’ve looked up to guys like Peter Atwood and Kenn Jordan and Steve Ku because they always deliver and keep their promises. Not to mention they all make unique products that could never be considered a knock off. Many of you have trusted me with your money and I feel it’s your right to know what’s going on.