Zirc Finishes

Various Zirc finishes —
1. Blast, ceramic tumble, Polish
2. Blast, ceramic tumble
3. Blast, ceramic tumble, blacken

Zirc Finishes

I’m on the verge of starting assembly of this run, I can’t wait to show you guys all of the combos!

There are dimensional relationships between the weights and frame, and button and frame. These relationships determine the length of screws and screw barrels, and the thickness of the lip on the underside of the button. There’s a little bit of wiggle room in screw and barrel lengths, and in some cases shims can be used to adapt a button made to fit one frame fit another. Or if the dimensions are close enough, yeah you can interchange parts.

I’m going to end up finishing these 20 faster than I finished the last 6, so that’s what I mean by having no idea how long ETA’s are. The batching is really efficient, and my programming workflow is really coming together, so I’m not worried if a run of 20 turns into a run of 25 — I’ll still be able to turn them out.

Nicely evenly heated to dark blue using my fancy searing head next to a black frame for contrast:

Zirc frames01

Zirc frames02